6 greatest places for contemplating the autumn in Tokyo

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Only a short time, the autumn will overflow on the Japan country where has a long list of places to see red leaves, yellow leaves fall.Renowned is a modern center, Tokyo is maybe not one of the most special places to contemplate the autumn.

However, enjoying the autumn air with the combination of the noisy town area and quiet of the surrounding suburbs is also a great experience for your journey.There are some suggestions for tourists where they can visit and see the autumn around the Tokyo area, the most beautiful places in the middle of the last November.

1. Icho Namiki Avenue

One of the best places to see autumn leaves not far away; this is in the city center. Located in the heart of the bustling center, Icho Namiki Avenue is the paradise of the roads with Gingko bilora tree lines, especially when it's wearing the yellow shirt from late November to early December each year.

It is so great to walk under the trees on this avenue; moreover, you can also choose a beautiful location at the Royal Garden coffee shop and admire the romantic sight in there.

From 14 November to 6 December, the festival will be held every year. You can find some cute items which are sold in cheap costs along this avenue.

How to get there 

5 minutes to walk from Aoyama-Itchome train station of 6 minutes from Gaienmae train station

2. Rikugien Garden

Built from the 1700s Tokugawa Tsunayoshi shogun period, Rikugien is one of the oldest parks in Tokyo. It is considered that is one of the most beautiful gardens of the capital, especially in last autumn.

It takes about an hour to visit garden around, with the view of the most beautiful places located in the northwest of the park, where has the poetic Togetsukyo bridge. Rikugien is also known for the famous teahouse Tsutsuji no Chaya.

How to get there 

7 minutes to walk from Komagome train station. Rikugiem opens from 09:00am to 05:00pm. In this autumn time, it opens until 09:00pm. Entrance fee is about 3 dollars, 1.5 dollars for over 65 years old.

3. Takao Mountain

It is far from the central of city about 50 minutes by using the car. Takao mountain is a good place on each weekend for Tokyo people who love nature.It gets busy in November when the fall colors are dotted on the landscape and humor guests. The scene is more impressive when walking on the top of the mountain. It takes about 90 minutes to walk up to the top of this hill. But try to experience on a nice day and cloudy offline! You will have a chance to see Fuji Mountain!

There is also a cable car system, you can also see on the way up the mountain by this cable cars.

How to get there

From Shinjuku station, you can go from the Keio station to Takaosan Guchi station

4. Mitake mountain

This is the farthest places on the list, but the scenery along 75 minutes the railway will make you satisfy.As a part of the National Park Chichibu-Tama-Kai, Mitake Mountain includes some hiking trails and Musashi-Mitake e Shrine temple.The number of people climbs the mountain increases in October, with beautiful autumn scenery mixed with natural waterfalls.

You can buy foods and souvenirs from a historic village on the top of the mountain.

How to get there 

From Mitake train station, catching the bus route Nishi and go to the end of the route, then take the cable car to the Mitakesan station.

5. Koishikawa Korakuen garden

It's hard to believe that next to the modern complex and crowded Tokyo Dome is an ancient garden has existed for many centuries. Feeling like I walk into the wild area in the heart of the main area. At Koishikawa Korakuen Garden, maple leaves around three lakes begin to turn red and orange color. This scenery makes it become the ideal place to walk in Tokyo city.

At the southeast corner of the garden, many thousands of Gingko bilora trees are also moving yellow color in late November, the scenery becomes more shimmering under the sunshine.

How to get there

It takes 5 minutes to walk from Lidabashi train station or Suidobashi.The park opens daily from 09:00am to 05:00pm with entrance fee is about 3 dollars.

6. Showa Kinen Park

The best way you should schedule a full day if you have a plan to visit this park, because there are so many places to visit. Located in Tachikawa, it will take about 30 minutes go from central of Tokyo by train, Showa Kinen Park is the world of the lakes, amusement parks and attractions. In November, you can easily to find the red trees in every corner of this park. It is an ideal location for watching autumn leaves. Besides, at the main entrance, just a few steps, you will see a road covered with yellow leaves of Gingko bilora tree lines.

The souvenir and food shops are concentrated on the main gate outside. It is also interesting places for you to explore.

How to get there

15 minutes to walk from Tachikawa train station or Musashi-sunagawa, or a short road from Nishi-Tachikawa train station.

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