Tra Su cajuput forest in the moment of season changes

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Earlier in October every year, water from Mekong River starts pouring in, brings Tra Su cajuput forest a new vitality.

Tra Su cajuput forest is located in Tinh Bien district, An Giang province, Vietnam. From Chau Doc, you go to the north, to Nha Bang town then turning to direction of Tri Ton. From Provincial Road No.948 will have road sign leading to the forest area. Then, driving all long distance about 5 km, appearing in front of you is Tac Rang landing stage where the boat stop to bring visitors visit the cajuput forest.

Tac Rang will bring visitors to explore thin forests with many different species of plants and animals, and then entering into the cajuput forest area. When sunny, the water like a large mirror reflecting the forest and clouds. The appropriate time for tourists to visit Tra Su is from August to November, when the cajuput forests are full of water.

After landing, you will be moved to rowing boat to continue cruising green cajuput forests. The whole space is filled with the green color of cajuput leaves, flowers mixed in the color of blue sky.

The forest is the habitat of many types of valuable birds such as Mycteria leucocephala or Sesbania sesban. Before the flood season, the migratory birds are still sparse, but after only next a few months, the forest will be immense with Egretta garzetta, Ardea herodias, cormorant, Leptoptilos, ...

Guests enjoy take pictures with the typical Tac Rang boat of the rivers and water area.

After going boat, you will continue going to Tac Rang boat to come back the first point - the ticket station of tourist resort. Getting Tra Su, you can go in groups or alone with ticket price for a guest is 65,000 VND (for groups of 2-3 people) or 45,000 VND (for groups of 10 people).

Before the flood season, the water level in cajuput forest is still low, revealling a section of roots of the cajuput. Barks in cajuput body have so much oil which make themselves flacing off the tree, fell down the ground forming thick patches.

Climb the observatory, visitors can zoom eyes passing Tra Su cajuput forests and feel the beauty of enchanting nature in the Western Vietnam.

After hours of walking around Tra Su, you can stop at a restaurant in the forest and enjoy the traditional cuisine of the rivers and water area. The most prominent is fish hotpot with Sesbania sesban. Fish Henicorhynchus are common in An Giang and only appear in the flooding season.

Besides hot pot, sour soup, bare grilled snakehead fish are also a favorite food for the guests. You can sit and watch chef have processing fish in the place and enjoy while it is still hot.

Enjoying the Western specialties in Vietnam at Tra Su and watching endless green space of cajuput forest will bring you a real feeling of immersing in nature.


Written by Photo by Minh Duc.