20 unspoiled beaches you need to visit in Vietnam

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Vietnam inherently has a variety of famous beaches, many of which are top-ranked by many prestigious international travel magazines. However, partially because of complicated geographical location or tourists’ safety issues, there some places are mysterious for many visitors, as a result, they seem to be underrated in terms of travelling potential.

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1. Men beach - Nam Du

Is considered as the most attractive beach on Nam Du islands with smooth sand,pure blue water and lush green coconut trees. Here isa coral reef together with a variety of colorful fish.

2. Bai Sao - Phu Quoc

Is far more gorgeous than any other beaches in Phu Quoc. UnlikeNha Trang beach’s yellow and Vung Tau’s brownish colour, the sand here is white and smooth like cream. Like the obedient son being embraced by the two gentle ranges of mountain, Bai Sao chances to receive the most favorable things especially the fresh and peaceful atmosphere.

3. Bai Truong - Phu Quoc

Goes along Tran Hung Dao road toward the Southwest. Bai Truong is one of most appealing places of interests in Duong To province. This special name, Bai Truong, proceeds from its nearly 20-kilometer length from Dinh Hau cape to Khoe Tau Ru. Bai Truong is divided into small sections which are again interconnected by the cliffs, green trees and hidden fishing villages. More than that, it is difficult to forget the magnificent beauty of the Sunset on large ocean here.

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4. Dam Trau Beach - Con Dao

Dam Trau seashore is like an silky golden cloth covering a part of forest and beach. The only path to come into is between a stiff cliff and the gentle other. The impression of the majestic mountains and deep blue seas makes endless inspiration for anyone, even the most discerning travelers.

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5. Trieu Duong - Phu Quy

Trieu Duong bay’s appeal lies in a flat wide sandy beaches, blue sea, and a row of shadowing green trees. Nothing is more fascinating and relaxing than being soaked into the cool water and feeling crashed by thousands of waves in the afternoon here.

6. Tram Beach - Mui Dinh

Mui Dinh will instantly fascinate you from the first time by the clear waters allowing visitors see the bottoms. It’s just a trivial bay, so it’s semicircle in shape and the waves are smooth and clear as glass all year around.Just sprawling out and breathing the fresh atmosphere is enough to recharge your batteries.

7. Freshwater Beach - Binh Hung

The most surprising here is not only its landscape but also the astounding contrasts between inside and outside.Outside is the salt water while inside has a cave with fresh water. Thanks to the picturesque beauty, the natural creation on the distinct cliffs makes it become the most intriguing in Tu Binh.

8. Sa Huynh Beach - Binh Ba

This beach is located in the small separated island, therefore, if visitors want to come there, they will spend a couple of hours on ships. Sa Huynh Beach has a long white sandy beaches and blue water, which could make you get lost if you are not a good navigator.

9. Dai Lanh Beach - Khanh Hoa

If you’re concerned about the depth and not willing to swim far away from seashores, it’s not a serious problem as for Dai Lanh Beach thanks to the shallow depth. Until now is there not have too many visitors setting their foot on here due to the lack of accommodation and services, as a result, it is an optimal choice for anyone that likes silence and peacefulness.

10. Bai Mon - Phu Yen

Visitors have no choice but to be impressive by incredibly turquoise water. More astonishingly, here is a freshwater stream in the West, which silently day in and day out applies the important freshwater resources and then flows toward the ocean.

11. Bai Nom - Phu Yen

This place seems to have a special appeal as for foreign backpackers. It has the advantage of naturally beautiful landscape and clean beach. Standing at the altitude of 300 metres, tourists will have an overview of huge space and rugged stones. Proximity to this, setting foot on the white sand, leave footprints on the track and then see them gradually disappearing as waves crash is an unforgettable experience.

12. Ky Co - Quy Nhon

Far from the centre of Quy Nhon province about 25 kilometers, Ky Co beach located in Nhon Ly isle is still the myth as for many tourists. Also, a wealthy of fish, stones and tiny creatures makes here poetic and magic when there are of little footprints.

13. An Binh seaside resort

Little Island in Ly Son is small but has a beautiful beach with white strip of sand surrounded by high cliffs. It’s extremely pleasant to hear waves lapping throughout 24 hours. 

14. Bai Bac - Cu Lao Cham

Cu Lao Cham is one of the most primeval forests in Viet Nam and facing to the North of this forest is Bai Bac. Thanks to attractive scenery, it has been exploited in a role of indispensible tourist destination lately.

15. South Beach - Son Tra Peninsula

If you have a chance to visit Son Tra peninsula, don’t forget to pump into South Beach, which has high-qualified resort and spa. Swimming a few hundred meters offshore is very diverse coral area, where the snorkeling activities often take place.

16. Bai Lang Co - Hue 

Unlike the rustling others, Lang Co beach annually is quite peaceful and imbued with the charming beauty of country folk. The season for tourism lasts from April to July because virtually all visitors adore the stable 25-degree temperature.

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17. Bai Nhat Le - Dong Hoi

Coming to Nhat Le beach, you will be stunned by its magnificence and iridescent golden sand under the willow forest with many glamorous stretches, unpolluted glittering seawater. 

18. Cat Dua - Lan Ha Bay

It is hidden behind the right side of the tiger-shaped mountain. Parallel with this beach is a garden up to hundreds of meter and also is a home of thousands of birds. If you would like to enjoy the whole scenery above, don’t procrastinate to climb to the peak. 

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19. Co To beach

It’s quite far from the center island and there is no inhabitants, as a result, it’s still rugged and keeps the original identities. Nothing is more romantic than seeing the dawn, picking up shells and counting thousands of birds back and forth.

20. Pearl Beach - Quan Lan

Located on the island of Quan Lan, Minh Chau beach attracts tourists with many stretches of white sand, fresh air and perfectly preserved beauty. Leaving the hectic life in the cosmopolitan city, visitors often pay much attention to this place to experience a tranquil pace.


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