Top 5 tips to low-budget travel in Vietnam

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Are you planning the vacation for your family to Vietnam this year? However you have not still given your decision because of so many reasons. Of course, budget is one of trouble you can not forget in your mind. To clear this trouble, I have some tips for you to get the good trip but save money for your vacation in Vietnam.

1. Travel during low season

If you are smart travelers, you should find information of low season at destinations, you can save so much money. Such as: accommodation, food, tour services…….There will be less tourists in low season, it is not crowded with people, the travel agents will be easier to book services for you.

The weather in Vietnam is rather complicated, that is why low season will be changed in different destinations. I give an example: Less foreign tourists visit Hanoi from May to July because the weather is rather hot. In rainy season( from October to December), not many foreign tourists visit Hue.  Sometimes you will have chance to get discount or “special off” at low season. So you should check with travel consultant to have more information before your trip.

2. Update information of discount tour from travel agent

I really agree with you that shopping around is the good way many foreign tourists do if they are not busy. Time is money. There is one way to save both of them; I advise you should keep update information of the good travel agent you know. Social media at travel agents is more developing today. That’s why, it’s easy you can registry receiving newsletter from the blog, face book, twitter or official website of the good travel agent you choose.

3. Telling your budget - The clever negotiating way

Do not hesitate to ask for a deal or a better price accordingly with your budget! As I worked as travel consultant I still encourage our clients to tell the budget and give the good services for them.

You always ask for the as cheap as meanwhile the travel agent always would like as much as profit. Both of you will can not meet if you do not have more time to tell about the detail of services. The good travel consultant will tell you what services you can skip or not to save money but still help you the good trip.  The price of tour is usually fixed but telling your budget, you may ask the travel consultant the less price accordingly your budget.

Hanoi Old Quarter

4. Less budget of Accommodation & Transport

The price of your package is almost depended on the price of accommodation and transport. So if you want to reduce the price of trip,  no way,  you need to have the smart choice of accommodation and transport. Making reservation the flight ticket as soon as you can. For accommodation, you should keep in mind that 3-star hotels are smaller, but you can find very good hotels for a great price. Keep in mind that hotels that are very near local attractions will be more expensive than hotels located 2 or 3 blocks away.

Ho Chi Minh City Center

5. Book early

If you stick your date of trip, should not delay booking with the good travel agent you choose.

Some of the best deals may be had booking early and not last minute. Most tour operators and cruise companies offer discounts for early booking. If there is a specific date you want to travel and or you have a specific resort or destination in mind, you are better off to book early and secure your vacation than to risk waiting for a cheap family vacation deal that may or may not happen.

In crisis of economic, your budget for vacation is also limited. However, the smart travelers will know how to have a good trip with great fun at cheap price- This is my purpose to write this tip. If you still have questions in your mind about your next trip in Vietnam, do not hesitate to contact with us. Have a good trip in Vietnam!