4 most stunning lesser-known islands in Vietnam

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Vietnam with a coastline stretching along the country as an advantage for the development of island tourism. Foreign tourists and domestic tourists are familiar with the famous tourist spots such as Co To, Phu Quoc, Con Dao, Binh Ba …

Today we will introduce you to the four islands with landscaping no less than those places, but not everyone knows.

1. Pirate Island

Listen to the name, make goods sold was partly envisioned the historical significance of this island, which is an archipelago located on the normal route of China to many Western countries, was the Pirate Island hideout , ambushed the merchant ships around. Even to the early 20th century, piracy is still rife in the waters.

Pirate Island has surfaced area to 1.100ha section, comprising 16 large and small islands, of which the largest is the Hon Tre (aka Hon Doc). Along attached as Phu Quoc, Kien Giang, but the disadvantage is less than when tourism thrive. In return, this will be the right place to plan for a trip to the young dust passionate live with nature.

2. Hon Son Island – Kien Giang

Kien Giang is endowed results scenic, yet Phu Quoc, any Pirate Island, the island also includes paints, located between Hon Tre and Nam Du archipelago. Rach Gia city located 70km west, Hon Son retained their wild looks natural, and absolutely no tight guillotine status as tourist attractions.

Hon Son, go bathing beach with white sand Bang and clear blue sea, try to conquer Ma Thien Lanh mountain grandeur, majesty, and do not forget to look at the fishing village, to enjoy the specialties fresh produce cheaply disbelief.

3. Bird Island – Quang Binh

Although the Quang Binh push towards the development of tourism, Bird Island has not received much attention from tourists, much remains Bird Island is the place to stop rest of the fishermen while fishing . Perhaps Bird Island thus retains its beauty, unspoiled, and is somewhat mysterious.

Also called the Bird Island, the island is also called Island Wind, here is a convergence of many kinds of rare birds such as albatross, birds nest, swallow … As a travel fanatic phượt, surely you will not be skip Experience panoramic view sea, newly hear the waves lapping on the rocks, even with the songs of birds on the island while in Quang Binh.

4. Fishery Island (Hon Ngu) – Nghe An

Under the same terms Cua Lo beach destinations, is just 4km Cua Lo, Hon Ngu be considered where there is good feng shui, is regionally exhausted, when ancient King Le Thanh Tong often come here to relax and enjoy sightseeing.

Hon Ngu Island consists of two islands, most islands have high 133 and a 88m height island, located off the coast but not too far, causing the viewer to feel like it’s been two fish swim in the water , that’s why this place is also called Island Pisces. When traveling with family island excursions, remember to enjoy wine Pisces cooked by water in medium, medium sweet on the island.

You were fed up with the tourist island too familiar, you want to find a place to really look at the sea views, rather than crammed in tourist flow? Come to the beautiful island that has just suggested above my tour offline, make sure you will be surprised, a passion for the beauty of them there.


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