Experience two Vietnamese festivals value animals

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The Vietnamese have long been famous for their friendliness and kindness, not only towards humans but also towards the animals around. So, it’s not a big surprise when pointing out Vietnamese houses a variety of festivals to value their beloved animals. And if you’re keen on this special kind of festival, let us give you some accurate ideas about the two most wonderful events including Whale Festival and Elephant Race Festivals, where you can truly witness how the Vietnamese appreciate these smart animals.

Whale Festival – The Largest Water Festival Of Quang Nam Fishermen

As the biggest festival of the fishermen in Quang Nam Province, the Whale Festival has long been favored by numerous tourists worldwide. The worshipping of whale is for paying respect to the sacred animal and assuring prosperity for the local villagers. About the time, this festival takes place in 2 days in the middle of the 3rd month in Lunar Calendar. During the festive time, the locals will take responsibility for beautifully decorating the Whale Temple, houses, and boats as well.

In the first evening of the festival, the village elders will do ceremony of peace offerings right in the Whale Temple. The offerings (exclude seafood) are transferred to the participants while the oration is performed out. The ritual gives everybody the great chances to respect the Whale God and also wish safety and wealth for the whole village. At dawn of the next day, the procession of boats on sea is done in a specific pattern. Such procession shows the honesty of the fishermen to their Whale God. At midnight, the official ceremony is done, in which the school children perform incense offerings while the orchestra plays classical opera. No matter where the fishing boats and villagers are, they mostly come back to join in the festival.

Elephant Race Festival – Dynamic Festival In Dak Lak

Around the 3rd lunar month, the Elephant Race Festival is celebrated right in Don Village or in the forest nearby the Sevepoi River of Dak Lak. Informatively, the race track is built on the ground featured with several big trees around. The width of the track is big enough for up to 10 elephants to stand in-line concurrently, while the length of the track is about 1 – 2 km.

The mahouts use signal of the horn (or a wind instrument) to command the elephants to stand in the starting line. Once the command is released, the elephant competitors will rush ahead as they are excitingly motivated by the sounds of drums and gongs. More greatly, it is the sound of audience’s cheering helps the elephants to race at best.

At the end of the race, the victorious elephants will eagerly lift their trunks above their heads in order to wave the audiences. Meanwhile, they do various cute movements as deliberately walking and flapping their ears, gazing through their haft-closed eyes. To value their cuteness, the audiences will give them sugarcanes or bananas as big awards. In the central highland, the Elephant Race is among the largest festivals and is done in spirit of the H’mong ethnic group, who are brave and skillful in hunting the while elephants. 


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