Khau Vai love market festival

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Vietnam has long been famous for the rich collection of festivals throughout her S shape. In that sense, let us draw your attention to an inspirational name of Khau Vai Love Market Festival. This unique event is taken place on an annual basis, from the late evening of the 26th and 27th day of the 3rd lunar month. As its name has indicated, the festival is held in Khau Vai Commune, Meo Vac District, Ha Giang. In a special and exclusive sense, Khau Vai Love Market is said to be different from any other kind of markets in Vietnam. Why do we say so? It is because people come to this market not to purchase or sell any goods. Rather, the market is the dating spot for the ex-lovers who used to fall in love with each other but might not get married because of some reasons.

What Is Special To Note about Khau Vai Love Market Festival ?

Legendarily, Khau Vai Love Market Festival is derived from a sad love story. It was told that a couple from the two different tribes fell in love with each other; nevertheless, the girl’s tribe forbade their marriage whereas the boy’s tribe would like her to be one bride of theirs. Later on, a violent conflict happened between the tribes causing blood to shed in both. In order to stop the nonsense and savage battles, the miserable couple decided to fall apart with their broken hearts. Anyway, they made a promise of meeting each other once a year on lunar March 26th in Khau Vai Market. Since then, the special festival is celebrated and named Khau Vai Love Market Festival in which couples of different ages who used to be ex-lovers would come and meet each other again.

On the day of the festival, many spouses can together go to the market and then individually find their own partners who are their ex-lovers in order to share the innermost feelings and memories. If the husband or wife is unable to partake in the Festival, he or she will not be jealous since market meeting is just to call up the old memory with temporary feeling that can’t affect the normal family life. In addition to the original purposes, Khau Vai Love Market Festival is also the great chance for individuals to find new partners at the first time. The northern love market with memorable sentiments has become an indicator of love and romance for its participants.

Uniquely, this traditional Festival in the northern area is featured with exciting activities. While the 1st day is the ritual of great calendar receiving to anticipate rainfall and crop of the year, the 2nd day is the ceremony of boiling price and heaping up a sandy mountain to seek for luck and bliss. The last activity is to wash the Buddha’s statue and Buddhist monks as well. Along with that, entertaining activities are fulfilled with local foods and drinks, folk dance performance, and traditional games. Also, participants can interact with many local ethnic groups’ culture and tradition. More meaningfully, the value of love and strong sentiment among ex-lovers are all the keys that keep this market unique.