Three not-to-miss spring and summer drinks in Vietnam

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As you are walking around taking pictures, practicing your Vietnamese, and dodging motorcycles, keep a keen eye out for these three amazing Vietnam beverages! In Vietnamese they are called Sinh Tố Bơ, Nước Chanh Leo, and Trà Chanh!

Sinh Tố Bơ – Avocado Smoothie

Creamy, rich and delicious! When avocados are in season this is a smoothie worth trying. Its made out of fresh avocados, ice, condensed milk, and just enough coconut syrup.

Nước Chanh Leo – Passion Fruit Juice

Nicely balanced tart and sweet, and totally refreshing! Passion fruit, sugar, water. You can get it with or without the seeds. Be sure to try it both ways.

Trà Chanh – Lemon Iced Tea

A pop culture favorite in Hanoi. Tra Chanh shops throughout the year are overflowing with teen agers, university students and tourists. Made from Vietnamese tea and fresh lemons, its not uncommon to down three or four in one sitting.

Vietnam travel is all about trying new and interesting things. We, hope you enjoy these three refreshing suggestions.


Source: Footprints Vietnam Travel Guide