Vietnam's street food paradise

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Street foods Vietnam increasingly becomes popular and affirmed its attractiveness in the eyes of international travelers. The diverse selection of dishes and different ways to taste and enjoy Vietnamese cuisine that make CNNGo, a prestigious American newspapers have praised Vietnam's "Food Paradise". Meanwhile the prestigious travel magazines - Lonely Planet - also named Vietnam as one of 10 culinary tours considerable experience in the world.

Vietnam Street Food

Recently, the National Geographic and Amusing Planet also includes a image of a bread street hawkers, the street food or fruits stalls to introduce to the world about Vietnam, a small country but an attractive destination for visitors to experience the street food.

Join with us in our Street food eat tour Hanoi.

Hanoi Street food

Not only attractive but Vietnam street foods also cheap, that surprised many foreign tourists. Each of these cities, the countryside, the villages have their own specialty dishes which are factors that make up the hobby of guests interested in exploring the charming destination Vietnam. It's easy to find many of the articles on major news sites, or impressive share on personal blog of the travelers to Vietnam. It seems to them images of people sitting on a plastic chair along the sidewalk to enjoy favorite dishes are not strange anymore.

Street food eat

An expat who had 2 years in Vietnam and enjoy the street food here has shared that street cuisine is so simple that you just go and pick a seat on the sidewalk and enjoy. But really it is worth experiencing. He added: "Perhaps the image of street vendors can be found only in Vietnam. The sound of their sale has become a very particular feature of Vietnam's tourism. The rhythm was the same as a person is singing".

Street food hawker

One of the most interesting thing while enjoying Vietnam street foods at a small roadside store that you can observe the lifestyle of local people: a group of men sitting around a table drinking beer and talk about football or work, other corner kids are playing games with each other, the waiter was joking around while waiting for customers to call more dishes. Guests which are not familiar to street eats could order their food after seeing what the local people are enjoying. Maybe that's why all language barriers or cultural dissent is no longer a problem, as they are at "food paradise" with fresh food and creative dishes.

Street food Hanoi at night

Some food experts have commented that Vietnamese cuisine attracts tourists with the freshest of vegetables and fruits. It's not as greasy as Chinese food and less spicy than Thai food. CNNGo emphasized that Americans also have mobile food stalls, but Vietnam is the real "food paradise". You can find no other place with diverse of food and cuisine like in Vietnam.


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