Most beautiful islands in Vietnam

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It seems easy for everyone to find a reason to visit Vietnam. One of many persuadable reasons is islands. With the coastline lasts about 3,260 kilometers from almost the length of the country, Vietnam has a large numbers of charming big and small islands and archipelagoes that keep almost theirs primitive beauty.

Before entering a real trip, let’ s go with us to have a glance of  5 most beautiful island in Vietnam to see that Vietnam tourism is famous for not only on-land destination but also on-sea ones.

1. Cat Ba

A conner of Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba island is the largest island  among Cat Ba Archipelago which has total area up to 300 kilometers and belongs to Haiphong City in the north of Vietnam. Named as Pearl of the Gulf of Tonkin, Cat Ba well known by its rough and brushy terrain, hundreds of limestone karts, caves and tropical limestone forest as well. Besides, a various kinds of both marine and terrestrial animal and plant are the typical thing of Cat Ba. People come here for the aim of enjoying and discovering.

A short trip to Cat Ba islands is not enough for you to explore carefully every interesting site here. For islands and beaches tourism only, there are at least four most beautiful places for you not to miss. They are following destinations, including: Monkey Island where has lots of funny monkeys loved by kids, Lan Ha Bay which is similar to Ha Long Bay with a system of intriguing natural limestone caves, Cat Ba National Park with the area of 173 km2 land and 90 km2 of inshore water where is the homeland of many kinds of rare animals and plants or Cat Co beaches with clean and blue sea, etc.

Because of unique and a plenty of natural conditions here, there are lots of thing we can do in Cat Ba. You can choose for yourself many kinds among different activities such as: swimming, diving, cycling or something likes that. Moreover, on your way of discovering Cat Ba, you can have chance to enjoy many great and completely fresh seafood that are amazing and excited. 

2. Co To

It will be a mistake if we talk about island in the north of Vietnam without introducing Co To island in Quang Ninh province. Co To is an archipelago located in the Gulf of Tonkin, including about over 50 big and small islands such as. Being the farthermost island district of Quang Ninh province, about 80 km from mainland, Co To seems to keep almost of its original beauty with hilly terrain or wild vegetation and animal. Beaches here are very attracting by its clear, blue and deserted performance. Therefore, travelling Co To, tourists will have a strong feeling of becoming one with nature that can help you to be free from daily pressure.

They are also the reason why Co To still attract thousands tourists each year despite of not much entertaining activities. People do not have as much choices for entertaining here as other beaches and island in Vietnam. They usually take part in some such as: visiting Co To lighthouse, swimming in some beautiful beaches like Van Chai, Hong Van or going fishing in the morning with fish man or having a BBQ party by the beach, in spite of that, Co To still a charming destination for everyone in summer.

3. Con Dao, Vung Tau

Con Dao is a name of archipelago of Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province in the south of Vietnam that including 16 mountainous island and islets. Con Dao is different from mentioned islands above because people talk about Con Dao for not only an engaging site with lovely and romantic beaches such as Dam Trau, Lo Voi,...or mysteriuos and diverse nature of Ong Dung forest (Con Dao National Park) but also historical destination.

For anyone who care about Vietnam war, Con Dao prison or Con Son prison is not a strange name. It recalls dark time in Vietnamese people’ s mind with so fearful and unforgettable image of abused and tortured prisoners who considered as dangerous to the colonist government that made it become “hell on earth”

More understanding about history we have, more respecting about efforts of Con Dao residents and the Vietnamese we give. From “hell on earth” to “paradise for relaxing” is so amazing.

4. Phu Quoc, Kien Giang

One of the most beautiful beaches in Phu Quoc

Located in Kien Giang province and nearly at the last point on the map of this S-shaped country, to your amazement, Phu Quoc is the largest island in Vietnam with the total area up to574 square kilometers. Phu Quoc called as another name of Pearl Island.

As same as its nickname, tourists choose to visit Phu Quoc will be impressed by stunning, charming beaches and fresh seafood along with cool climate almost of the year.

Tourism services of hotels in Phu Quoc are very great and diverse. Every hotel has their own transportation service that is convenient for you to go around and visit beautiful sites here. Alternatively, not, you can hire a motorbike just by paying a suitable price of 150,000vnd for 8h/turn so you can enjoy the trip by yourself. Do not forget to call at several places such as: Sim wine producer, Phu Quoc prison, etc.


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