The magic of Vietnam in 22 photos

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Vietnam: an intoxicating country full of stunning sights, sizzling beaches and sumptuous food. It’s a country bound to make an impact on you, no matter where you go, whether it’s trekking with hill tribes near Sa Pa, or whizzing around Ho Chi Minh City on a motorbike. From our favourite Picfair photographers, here are 22 gorgeous pictures of Vietnam.

An elderly woman in Hoi An

Hoi An Portrait by Iselin Shaw Of-Tordarroch / Picfair

Woman and baby

Amazing baby by sarahannehardy / Picfair

A woman making traditional vietnamese conical hats

conical hat maker old women by JetHuynh / Picfair

An old man doing calligraphy

calligraphy old man by JetHuynh / Picfair

Wokers transporting salts from the fields in Hon Khoi

Workers transporting salt from the fields in Hon Khoi, Viet Nam by JetHuynh / Picfair

Drying fish on Nam Du Island

People doing fresh seafood – cuttle-fish from the fishery harbor Nam Du Island, Kien Giang, Vietnam by JetHuynh / Picfair

A woman collects lotus flowers

Vietnam Living – Lotus gather women by JetHuynh / Picfair

Cow racing in An Giang, Vietnam

Vietnam Cow racing by JetHuynh / Picfair

Travelling home from work

Back home by wolf / Picfair

Sunrise on Hon Thieng Bay

Sunrise like a gold on water by Nguyen Quang Ngoc / Picfair

A cow herder and his cows

The cowboy and cows by John Nguyen / Picfair

Celebractions in Ho Chi Minh City

Fireworks in Ho Chi Minh City by JetHuynh / Picfair

Kids in Lap An lagoon, Hue

Kids in the summer by Phạm Tỵ / Picfair

Drying fish in Nha Trang

Drying fish by Au Eightx / Picfair

Tea plantations, Bao Loc

Women with conical hat working on green tea plantation, Bao Loc, Lam Dong, Vietnam by Tom Phung / Picfair

Prayer on the river in Hue

Praying on the river 1 by Phạm Tỵ / Picfair

A railroad line in Hanoi

ALONG THE TRACKS by Wilfred Seefeld / Picfair

Buildings along the river of Hoi An

Colourful buildings by Dan Convey / Picfair

Young monks work in southern Vietnam

Young monks at work by wolf / Picfair

Morning chaos on the roads in Ho Chi Minh City

Morning, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam by davidhuiphoto / Picfair

Fresh fish comes straight off the boats and into market

Fishery market by wolf / Picfair

Annual parade of dragons in Cho Lon (Binh Tay Market)

Dragons Dance on The First Full Moon Day of Year by Nguyen Quang Ngoc / Picfair

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