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Réhahn (*) was very successful with his printing and marketing company at the age of 21. However, after falling in love with Vietnam, in 2011, he decided to relocate to Hoi An to enjoy a simple and quite life there.

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From the view of a French photographer

Photos & descriptions: Réhahn Croquevielle 

With his passion for photography, he travels by motorbike, stays at hostels, eats frugal meals and meets Vietnamese people, making him happy every day.

From Réhahn’s point of view, one of the most significant qualities of a photographer is the ability to capture random and natural moments. Réhahn pays great attention to each moment to produce highlights in his photos that allows viewers to discover for themselves the beauty of them. Especially in this collection. During his seven years travelling on his motorbike, covering a quarter of the country, Réhahn has captured more than 35,000 photos and he would like to share with Travellive’s readers his most favored ones. 

Smoking time - In Bac Ha market, this H’Mong man is smoking Thuoc Lao as his habit every Sunday morning

H’Mong in Sapa - 4 girls were standing near me when I took the photos of sunset. I tried to find a funny gesture, then I added a new photo to my "Hidden Smile" collection

An Phuoc - A young Cham ethnic girl. She has blue eyes like her great grandfather, a French man. An Phuoc is 7 years old

Old couple - Mr Xe, 91 years old, and Mrs. Loi, 83 years old, are living in Tra Que Village

Flower H’Mong - Culture is vanishing. H’Mong people still wear their traditional costumes but less and less. The Flower H’Mong live in remote and mountainous areas. The photo was taken in Bac Ha (Lao Cai, a province of the Northwest region of Vietnam)

Hidden Smile - This lady is Bui Thi Song. She is 78 years old and still works on her boat in Hoi An. Everyday she rows her boat for tourists on the river. 1 euro for a 30 minute trip. She works everyday, all year. This photo is the cover of the book "Vietnam - Mosaic of contrasts".

Back Home (Hoi An) - This photo was taken in Tra Que, a small village near Hoi An. I was waiting for a long time to catch someone on the bridge. This photo could be named: The last man!

Kim Luan - She is 6 years old and is a member of M’Nong ethnic group in Central Highlands of Vietnam. This ethnic minority is the only one to live with elephants. This photo was taken in Buon Ma Thuot. Kim Luan and her elephant

2 brothers in Ninh Binh - Chu Van Nham (83 years old) and Chu Van Thin (76 years old) are siblings living in Ninh Binh. I went there to give them my book last summer and they allowed me to take some photos. Before  shooting, they prepared their beards and I took this photo

Tra Que Village - This old lady was cutting vegetables at the end of the day to sell them at the market very early the next morning

Further information

(*) Réhahn Croquevielle is the author of the famous book, “Vietnam – Mosaic of Contrast”. He was born in 1979 in Normandy, France. Through his photos, Réhahn shares with viewers thousands of stories and precious experiences he has gained during his journey to explore more than 30 countries in the world. 

His hard work has been gratified by the recognition of very prominent magazines such as Actu Photo, National Geographic, Los Angeles Times, Asia

Life, and World Magazine.


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