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Living and relaxing on the sundeck, immersing yourself in the blue ocean, breathing fresh air and enjoying magnificent scenery on board a cruise are must try experiences of any tourists. In this special publication about cruises, BuffaloTrip would live to recommend a list of luxury cruises, along with their exclusive itineraries around the world.

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Text: Que Lan, Cac Truc

 “It’s The Ship 2015 - Jubilant music festival at sea

The Asia’s largest music festival at sea, It’s The Ship 2015, is set to depart from the Marina Bay Cruise Centre in Singapore on November 20, crossing international waters on the straits of Malacca to the tropical island of Langkawi in Malaysia for a beach party, before returning to Singapore shores on November 23.

It’s The Ship 2015 will take place aboard Royal Caribbean International’s “Mariner of the Seas”, one of the largest cruise liners in the world, and is expected to attract a total of 3,800 people. With 12 options for different cabins, Mariner of the Seas will offer you the best cabin, including Interior, Promanate Interior, Ocean View, Large Ocean View, Family Ocean View, Grand Ocean View with Balcony, or Royal Suite that is suitable for your budget of 588USD – 2798USD/person. 

This year’s festival gathers over 30 DJs and famous artists such as Kaskade, Will Sparks, Autograph, Bass Agents, Azran, Patricia K, Twinkies and Lizzy, who will perform endless music parties on Asian seas, from Singapore to Malaysia. 

All prices are inclusive of 4-day and 3-night accommodation, tickets to all parties at sea, travel expenses, food, selected non-alcoholic beverages and free usage of most of the ship’s facilities.

Hotline: (+60) 3 7772 6272

The cruise throughout Asia on a super cruise, Quantums of the Seas

If you are familiar with Voyager or Mariner, why don’t you try to experience in Quantums of the Seas, whose sea route includes Hong Kong – China (depart on June 17), Hong Kong – Japan – Korea (depart on July 09)? Quantums of the Seas, inaugurated in London in November, 2014, offers first sea routes for Vietnamese this summer 2015.

Integrated with the most advanced technology, Quantums of the Seas even surpasses many continental modern 5-star resorts by its unique feature that allows tourists to access the internet with the super-speed of roughly 4.26 km/s to all cruise’s corners via satellites. Each passenger will granted a “smart bracelet” named WOWband which paves the way for check-in, check-out and also allows users to open their rooms and pay everything whenever buying any product or using services of the cruise.

You just order your favorite drinks at the bar by a slight tab on the tablet, then two robots, B1-0 and N1-C, which can make two cups of drink per minute, will serve you the most flavorful drinks at once. The more surprising event is the first presence of Jamie’s Italian, a luxurious restaurant managed by Jamie Oliver, one of the world’s top ten chefs. Besides, art and amusement center will attract you with a lot of fantastic games such as Ripcord by iFly which lifts and hangs you fly freely in space.

One Travel International

96 Tran Hung Dao, Dist. 1, HCMC
Tel: 08.3 9 201 201

Enjoying Russian summer on Volga River.

Beside impressive Asian sea routes, tourists can choose a journey to discover different cultures of Eastern Europe. You can visit several ancient villages stretching along the mysterious Volga River, go sightseeing at the Black Sea, camp in a forest on the outskirts of Moscow, or enjoy wakeful nights in the Baltic seaside city of St. Petersburg when experiencing a new tourism from aboard a cruise on Volga River.

The cruise will take guests to several different cities every day, namely, Leningradsky Boulevard, Tverskaya Street, Christ the Saviour Cathedral, Red Square, Lenin Museum and Church of St. Demetrios on the Blood in Uglich. Sail to Yaroslavl Belt to visit one of the most ancient cities in Russia which are located at the section of Volga River and Kotorosl River. When cruising to St. Petersburg, tourists are free to go shopping and learn about the traditional culture, cuisine, churches, and palaces, which have become Russian legends such as Nevsky Boulevard, Palace Square, Isaacs Church, battleship Aurora, bastion Peter & Paul Fortress. 

In St. Peterburg, you will have a chance to experience a wakeful night, the natural, romantic overnight sunset. In such special moments, immerse yourself in dynamic and fascinating songs performed by street bands, then contemplate all works of art created by sketch artists and enjoy the animating atmosphere on hustling and bustling Nevsky Boulevard. Take the chance to taste flavorful roasts at the romantic night party when the final sunshine of a day hides behind the golden dome of Isaac Church over the other riverside of Neva. The 13-day journey on Volga River is priced about 68,900,000 VND per person.
VietSense Travel

126 Lang Ha, Dong Da, Hanoi
Tel: 04. 3776 1777

“Dating with Europe” on the world’s largest cruise, Allure of the Seas

As the most luxurious and largest cruise, Allure of the Seas will take you to discover all stunning corners of the Western Europe by departures throughout France, Italy up to Spain. Joining this sea route, tourists not only step on the ancient Rome, discover the attractive natural beauty of the Naples, adore the mystery of Palma de Mallorca, feel the romance of the southern France, Marseilles or learn about the city of world-known football teams, Barcelona, but also experience all luxurious, high-ranking and profound catering on the world’s largest cruise of the top-ranking cruise company, Royal Caribbean, of the US. 

The spectacular natural scenery, massive architectural structures, ancient old quarters and modern sky-crafters, all of which build up a romantic and ancient, but no less modern and profound Europe. Particularly, from June onwards, lavender starts to highlight all endless violet-colored fields. Whenever mentioning to Lavender, Provence, an ancient city in the Southeast of France, which is considered the “Holy Land” of a violent trait, is immediately reminded. Having an advantage of the countryside-like peaceful background, Provence promises to attract millions of international visitors this summer.

Enjoy the journey to discover and feel the beauty of lavenders, along with a cruise throughout the Western Europe: France, Italy, and Spain. Duration: 11 days. Departing from HCMC. Price: 96,900,000 VND per person.

One Travel International

96 Tran Hung Dao, Dist. 1, HCMC
Tel: 08.3 9 201 201


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