10 street foods you should try at least once in Yangon

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Wandering around the city center Yangon, tourists will have the opportunity to enjoy the delicious dishes of Myanmar street as: Nangyi thoke, Kauknyintok, Koh PUO or Mont Bein...

E Kya Kway

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This is a favorite breakfast food of Myanmar made from fried rice flour, looks quite similar to roast in Vietnam. This dish is usually dipped in coffee or tea, or can also be served with fish soup and Mohinga noodle dishes. 


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Being a country located between India and China, so Myanmar has great influence culture, customs and cuisine of both these powers, and roti dish is a typical example. Roti is a flatbread dishes from India made from fats such as butter, sugar, milk, eggs and flour.    

Nangyi thoke

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This is a dried noodle, uses slightly thicker noodles, eats with chicken, fish steaks, boiled eggs and price. Visitors can easily see a lot of store on the sidewalk Yangon sale this attractive food.

Samosa salad

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Samosa salad or "thoke" is the main dish in the culinary culture of Myanmar. Flavors and ingredients of each Samosa salad are different by the sellers. However, this is still basically chopped samosa (fried bread triangles in committing potato, turmeric, bean), green beans, cabbage, shallot and tomatoes. Add a few leaves of fresh mint or coriander, and a few drops of lemon juice for extra tasty dishes. 

Koh Pieh

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This is a type of cake made from glutinous rice, covered by a layer of sesame seeds and when eating, guests will add extra coconut together a little salt and pepper.


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Koh PUO cake is made from black or white glutinous rice, but is grilled over charcoal. This dish is served with syrup made from jaggery. 

Mont Lone Yay Paw

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This is the favorite traditional pudding in Yangon, and often eat at Thingyan festival. This cake looks like Tangyuan in China or Mochi cake in Japan. Basically, this cake made from glutinous rice flour, it's made of jaggery, coconut and wrapped in banana leaves. 

Kanyin Tok

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If you prefer to eat a banana, Kanyin Tok will be the food you should not ignore. This snack is made from raw materials banana, coconut and sugar, covered with plastic outer layer of fragrant sticky rice. 

Bein Mont

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This is a type of fried bread very famous street in Yangon. Bein Mont is sold in the afternoon. This delicious cake is made with main ingredients such as: flour, sliced fresh coconut and almonds. 


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Dosa is a crepe cake or pancake made from fermented rice flour originating from South India. Save Dosa is used mainly for breakfast and is sold in most of the restaurants on the streets of Yangon. Besides Myanmar, this dish is very popular in some countries such as Malaysia and Sri Lanka.


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