5 reasons to go on a Zambian adventure with Pioneer Safaris

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With a variety of fantastic safari options in Zambia, it is sometimes difficult to know what to choose.

Here are 5 reasons from Pioneer Lodge, Camp and Safaris that could help you to decide:


All Pioneer Safaris itineraries are tailor-made according to the aspirations of the guests. We find out what they would like to experience on their Zambian adventure and from that we can create a trip in accordance with their request. This means that all of our safaris are completely unique.


Thanks to our good relationship with operators throughout the country, we have access to the Game Management Areas, which are often not used for photographic safaris, as well as the national parks. Having so many different areas available to us enables an incredibly diverse safari experience. Pioneer Safaris has conducted a variety of trips including bespoke honeymoons, filming packages in remote valleys like Luano, and cross-border trips through Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Malawi. It has also provided exploratory safaris into areas that are less visited by tour operators. 


Pioneer Safaris is flexible. Whether our guests are seeking luxury, adventure, or would rather get a little closer to nature whilst camping beneath the stars, we are fully equipped to cater for any requirements. It is also a popular choice to include both luxury accommodation and camping in one trip, which also adds to the diversity of the guest’s experience. 


Each safari is private. We only take individuals in groups that already know each other, whether it be couples, groups of friends, or larger groups. Having no set departure dates guarantees that these private safaris have a wonderful dynamic throughout. 


There are no limits to our itineraries. We are very experienced in Zambia, and although this is the country in which we specialise, we are also able to take guests across the borders. Our latest venture was a mobile safari into three different countries. 


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